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Management System Software

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qmscapaQuality Management System Software

ABCI is the developer and publisher of QMSCAPA™ software.  QMSCAPA™ provides users with *centralized access and control of many Quality Management System record keeping task, including control of non-conforming product, log for customer complaints, methods for measuring customer satisfaction, planning for internal audits, risk assessments, supplier evaluations, training programs, plus corrective and preventive actions.

QMSCAPA Feature Summary

Checklist Generator.

Customer Satisfaction Survey & Calculator.

Dashboard for Monitoring Quality.

Document Creation and Management Module (RTF editor built-in).

Internal Audit Schedule for One or More Standards/System.

Manufacturing & Production Quality Metrics Calculator.

Module for controlling documented information and records index.

Module for logging Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions, and Non-conformance.

Module for logging Customer Complaints.

Module for Monitoring and Measurement Devices

Module for recording personnel qualification skills and training records.

Module Internal Audit results for Management Review.

Multilevel user access security and control.

On-Time Delivery Calculator.

Purchasing Quality Metrics Calculator.

Report Builder that provides users with complete control of printed document, forms and reports.

Risk Assessment Module for managing risk and opportunities.

Supplier evaluation and scoring module.

Supplier/vendor module with surveying, evaluation, approval, status and tier levels.


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More about QMSCAPA Configuration options


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